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Opportunity Builders has been involved in developing quality affordable housing communities around the country since 1995. With over 2000 rental units in place and after building much needed housing in seven different states, our small but energetic and experienced staff can work to bridge gaps and help communities throughout our great nation. The style and character of each residential community is a reflection of the larger community in which it resides. Our goal has always been to empower our residents to achieve more by living in one of our communities, than they could on their own. Children have used our computers to study more effectively and write papers that earned them higher grades than ever before. Adults have used our computers to create resumes and research important information for the benefit of their families. Special programs for the kids like after school tutoring and movie nights combined with special activities for the adults such as first time home-buyer classes and basic computer skills training continue to make our communities some of the most desirable in a city. Our management team is number ONE at balancing the demands of maintaining an orderly, well structured rental community while also providing a caring atmosphere where children and their parents are happy to know they are HOME.

Please look around our website and see what we've accomplished and where we're headed in the future. Imagine the opportunities....

About Us
Opportunity Builders
Opportunity Builders is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to provide low income individuals with the opportunity to have decent, safe and affordable housing for their families while at the same time providing services such as literacy classes, computer training, financial counseling, and other development efforts aimed at arming our residents and other low income individuals with the tools necessary to rise above their current economic status and achieve self-sufficiency.