Letter of Reference
In a letter written on May 21.1998, the following statements were made concerning the experience the City of Tulare had with Opportunity Builders in the development of a forty-unit low income apartment complex:

"This development created some controversy in our community, as it was next to an existing large apartment complex that had create problems for the new single family residential area in the vicinity. Through a series of meetings with residents and the developer, the city and these entities were able to arrive at a list of conditions by which the development could proceed, yet mitigate any potential future concerns.

This was not an easy accomplishment, as positions were very fixed at the start. The willingness of Opportunity Builders to work with the city, to take some attacks, and to stay positive was very impressive. What was accomplished could not have been possible without the strong constructive approach by Opportunity Builders, especially their representative, Eric Kjeldgaard.

The resulting development lives up to both the intent as well as the spirit of our discussions. It has been done in a first class manner, and every effort has been made to maintain a quality development that is a plus for the neighborhood in which it resides.

While we can only relate to the one experience involving Opportunity Builders with our city, we have very positive impressions about this firm."

Claude Retherford
City of Tulare

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