Letter of Reference
In a Letter of Reference, SunAmerica discusses the quality of their business relationship with Opportunity Builders:

"SunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners, Inc. regards our relationship with Opportunity Builders as an essential complement to our organization. SunAmerica's success is based in part on the quality and soundness of our partners.

We appreciate their competent and effective business demeanor. In all of our transactions, you have acted as a professional and accomplished partner. Each development that has been presented to us has been thoroughly and thoughtfully designed, with both tenants' needs and the economics of the deal in mind. SunAmerica is committed to working with your organization, not only on existing projects, but also any new development deemed to be appropriate investments. Opportunity Builders is a valued partner and we look forward to a long and beneficial relationship.

Dana Mayo
SunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

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