Letter of Reference
In a Letter of Reference, Stearns Bank discusses the quality of their business relationship with Opportunity Builders:

"Stearns Bank has had the privilege of providing construction & mini-perm financing for Opportunity Builders since 2000. Stearns Bank appreciates the high quality developments that Opportunity Builders puts together and the responsible nature in which they conduct their business.

Opportunity Builders has excelled at finding viable markets for affordable housing multifamily developments, market rate single family for sale developments and market rate multifamily developments. From site selection to onsite management to project financing they continue to put together developments that make sense for lenders, developers, tax credit syndicators and the communities in which the developments are being constructed.

Stearns Bank considers Opportunity Builders to be one of its top clients and looks forward to continuing its lending relationship with them in the future"

Dennis Hanson
Stearns Bank, N.A.
St. Cloud, Minnesota

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